"Go Sir, gallop and don’t forget that the world was made in six days. You can ask me for anything but not time." (Napoleon) 

"War makes the victor stupid and the vanquished vengeful." (Nietzsche) 

"To be prepared for war is the most effective means of preserving peace." (George Washington) 



This page provides links to other great sites on the web. Feel free to send in links to sites you have found useful. If you find any broken links please let us know and we can fix them.

Wargames Societies/Magazines

Society of Ancients - Very useful site - full of great reviews articles etc.

The Lance and Longbow Society - Medieval enthusiasts

North American Society of Ancient and Medieval Wargamers 

Wargame Reviews - Site dedicated to reviews

Total Model - Broader interest site about models and wargaming in general

Wargames Directory 

Magweb - Online reference source (mostly subscription though).

Solo Wargamers Society

ukwargames.co.uk - A general wargames portal with useful links to suppliers, figure painters etc.

Red Rampant - Site dedicated to all things Roman

Figure Manufacturers/Suppliers

Wargames Foundry - Large range of 25-28mm figures

Front Rank Figurines - Very nice 28mm Wars of the Roses figures. Also do 18/19th century figures

Corvus Belli - Some nice medieval 28mm figures here

Gripping Beast - Extensive 28mm range including dark ages.

Shieldwall - An intriguing board game based on Hastings  


Card Cut Out Buildings - Very useful!

Hovels - Building manufacturer

General History

Welsh Castles


"Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open." (Sir James Dewar) 

"The will to conquer is the first condition of victory." (Foch) 

"Fighter pilots rove in the area allotted to them in any way they like, and when they spot an enemy they attack and shoot them down…. Everything else is rubbish." (Baron von Ricthofen)